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The story circulated couple weeks ago.
Pizza, a polar bear, made headlines because
of miserable conditions in which he lived.
Indeed, the polar bear lived in a giant aquarium
in a shopping centre in Guangzhou, in China.

It was nothing but a freak, as many passersby
enjoying their break to go see it and take pictures
of him. A situation that has been denounced by
several people and organizations around the globe.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park in England has even
offered to repatriate Pizza in a healthier place.

However, the aquarium where the bear lives refused.
The aquarium justified itself by saying that the bear
was in good health and he was treated well where he is.
Of course, not everyone agrees.

Clanimal and other animal lovers want this situation to stop.

No animal, no matter their race, deserves to be treated this way.
That is why we must denounce these acts that happen too often
around the world if we want things to change…

For those who want to read the original article,
it’s available on the New York Times website.

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Source: New York Times

Amelie Delobel

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