“3 THINGS to do to win The 25th Stanley Cup” (from Virus “Hockey Guru” Clanimal!)

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“3 things to do to win The 25th Stanly Cup”

From my Heart and Brains to all the HABS Players…Follow this and we will win this 25th Stanley Cup…
and after listening to it…start a campaign to make me become the HABS Mascot!

Virus “Hockey Guru” Clanimal ( Senior Animal Advisor at Clanimal.com)

As a great souvenir, here are the best moments from the Stanley Cup victories in 1993 and 1986!

Here is the full text of my “pep talk” (checked by the Dog corrector program)


Yes, I am a dog and Yes I love the HABS and when a dog loves …it’s unconditionally ,
so this is how much I love the Montreal Canadiens!

Loving also allows to criticize and I do that too when you guys deserve it…and trust me sometimes,
you need to be scolded so much!

Why you ask? Simple, as I long as I am there to love you, I consider you privileged…What you say…
Privileged? Yes, you are gifted with athletic capacities (you see, I can use some human words too!) and
you get paid more than lots of humans (and dogs for sure) will ever get.

Also, during your season you get fed, you do not pay for transportation to game in other cities,
“work clothes” are supplied for free!, and so much more, meaning …you get a pay that you do not
deduct any expenses to earn it! Tell me what job, other than being a professional athlete, gives you
that kind of benefits! None, not even president of the United States…yeah just ask that guy wearing the wig!

So yes,  you are privileged and with that comes the responsibilities and one I would like to address,
in Montreal in more than any other sport cities in the world (well maybe Barcelona in football or
New England Patriots in American Football) is to win the Stanley Cup!

So here is my recipe to help you win this 25th Stanley Cup, that we have been waiting for over 23 years
(hey sorry Toronto dog cousins, you have been waiting for 50 years! ouch!).

I guarantee you that if you focus seriously on this and follow it, your chances to win the Cup in 2017
(and years after) will increase tremendously. Do you want to hear it? Yeah…let’s go:

#1 Identity (What does it mean to “BE” a Montreal Canadians players)

It means playing for an organization that is more than just a sport’s team. All players from Newsy Lalonde
in the early 1900 to today, carry the hopes and dream of Canadians hockey fans all over the world.

For these fans, each player is capable of going over and beyond his mental and physical capabilities for
the good of the team. Also, each player follows these words as a way of being as a team player:
Excellence, Limitless and Instinct!

Oh, reality check: the fans are the ones who pay for tickets, jerseys, souvenirs, etc. It’s because of them
then fewer than 1 % of all hockey players earn more in a year than many small medium size companies annual
revenues! Plus, everything is supplied to you! And, if these fans weren’t there…neither would you guys!

So I invite the owner, mr. Molson, the management and every Montreal Canadians players to constantly keep in
their mind and use in how they communicate, what is the identity of the Montreal Canadiens hockey organization.

Before being a business, it’s a sport and the day the present  Montreal hockey world reconnect with its true
roots, hockey will flourish again! This is the first step on the road to the 25th Stanley Cup in Montreal!

#2 The “3 S”

Easy, I keep repeating it during my videos: Speed, Smart and Simple! That’s the only way to play to win the Cup!


You are all very fast players (OK maybe some are not in their prime years… yet they are smart and can
anticipate the play and use a lower energy)…Yes, I’m talking to you Markov , Weber, Petry…and for Radu and
Emelin, I request a “pipi test” because the way they play, I wonder if they are not using Starbuck
(the Bull Champion) serum or the Energizer Bunny batteries…How do they do it!


Focus on the other team weaknesses, quick short passes and keep being in movement all the time. Every time you
guys did that, you won and control every shift, every period and every game! And its only 60 minutes of your
lives every time you play (Ok 150 minutes if you include the commercials…yeah I know…!)

It also means to use your instinct every time you are on the ice! Yes, each of you has physical and mental
capabilities superior to 99% of all hockey players and yet you have a tool that allows you to use them to
the fullest and it’s your instinct! You know that “feeling in your guts” that is so strong it makes you do
things…like going glove side or top corner! You know!


Always watch and listen to the game happening on the ice. It’s the only way you can then control the game.
You will feel if the opponent improvises or you will discover its game plan. Anyways, paying attention to
what is going on the ice will certainly help you!

Also, Toe Blake and Scotty Bowman in each of their own way had the best strategy ever, and it goes like this”
…the more time you spend in the other team zone…the more chances you will have to score!”

#3 Determination, Pride & Family (TEAM)

Finally, 3 very important words will help improve greatly your chances to win the 25th Stanley Cup and they are:


When you really believe in the HABS identity, nothing will stop you in reaching the goals you set for yourselves
every season!

You will always find the strength and the will power to achieve the objectives even in moments of doubt!

The determination comes from your guts and tell your brains to do it!


The Montreal Canadians means  over 100 years of showing the hockey world what this group of guys is capable
of… despite what others would call shortcomings (like heights… ask Mat Naslund, or speed ask Chris Nilan
or Yvon Lambert)!

Look in the eyes of any living former players when they say, “I am a HABS forever”…they literally glow with
such Pride!

The minute you put on the HABS Jersey and you allow your instinct to speak freely, you will be plunged so deeply
in the HABS pride, your soul will be HABS Forever!


The HABS players are a great family. Not the family that each of you have (or will have)…it’s that “Special”
family where each member feels the unconditional trust, love and pride from and for all the other members!

Look around you in the dressing room, look in each player’s eyes and then just tell yourself inside of you,
“AM I not proud to be part of this great family?” Then… just be with all the emotions you feel at that moment…
That’s what it feels to be a member of the greatest family in sport!

NOW, what I am asking each of you to do is:

1)     Keep this video and these words very close to you, and

2)     In moments of doubt, listen to it as many times as you need, and

3)     Play like you’ve never played before and go on to win the 25th Stanley Cup!

(Oh don’t forget to bring me on the parade…YEAH!)

Virus “Hockey Guru” Clanimal ( Senior Animal Advisor at Clanimal.com)

Virus Tailgate
“Virus “Hockey Guru“ Clanimal and his fans!”

Virus The Dog

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