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Another beautiful story has taken place over the past few weeks involving an animal in distress. Indeed, Ray, a kitten six months old, did not have it easy since its birth.


He was born with too small eyes and therefore, he cannot see the outside world. In addition, he has a spinal deformity that is not operable, which affects his ability to walk.


Where the great story begins is when a group of students from a school in New Hampshire, USA, had the good idea to design a wheelchair printed in 3D.


This team is actually the class of Carrie Barron, the owner of Ray, who had adopted it in a sanctuary in Salem, Massachusetts. Despite all the pitfalls, Mrs. Barron argues that her companion is very happy and that he has adapted well to his new machine.


It took several hours for the students and the professor to design the wheelchair and nearly 11 hours to print it.


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Source: en.sputniknews.com

Amelie Delobel

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