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A Livingston County judge in Scotland ordered a man to spend 20 days in jail for allowing his dogs to escape and attacking two other dogs.


District Court judge Carol Sue listened patiently to 31-year-old Zackery Alton Bradley, who asked if his three big dogs were so aggressive in the February 25 attack. His animals have indeed wounded a Shih Tzu and killed a Maltipoo.


Carol Sue later responded frankly that he did not take care of his animals: “When you are a dog owner, you have an additional responsibility, that is keeping your animals under control at all times . I do not buy the fact that the dogs that this lady owned has created such an intense situation for your dogs to come out of your house and attack them.”


The culprit, Zackery Alton Bradley, will have to pay more than $ 9,000 in restitution and will not be able to possess dogs during his probation. The judge stated that Livingston County animal screening officers can randomly inspect her building to ensure it complies with the court’s decision.


The complainant, Veronica Evans, told the judge that she was walking with her Shih Tzu, Peyton and her Maltipoo, Milo, around 10:00AM on February 25th when three dogs from a house came to them.


“There was an unprovoked attack on my two dogs,” she said at the trial. During the attack I was quite useless and frightened. I was also bitten at that time. I’m not sure Mr. Bradley is a responsible owner, and I do not know if he should have any animals in his house with two grandchildren”, Evans said.


Peyton’s injuries required several surgeries, but he survived the attack. Milo, unfortunately, died of his wounds.


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