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Despite the high costs and tedious procedures, an increasing number of people bring their pets with them when they move abroad, instead of leaving them behind.



While some people might raise their eyebrows at the prospect of taking pets along a relocation journey, there are those who cannot think of leaving them behind.



Some, like Mini Sanyal, who went from Bengaluru to Abu Dhabi in March 2016 with her husband, Rohan Kennedy and Juno, their seven-year-old Labrador retriever.


“Juno is part of our family and will go wherever we go. Leaving Juno was never an option, so we just needed to know how to take her with us to Abu Dhabi”, the woman explained.



Another example is Garima Chopra. Chopra was an employee at Infosys in Bengaluru, India, before moving to the UK.



In 2015 in Benguluru, she worked to protect animals with her husband Ajesh Singh. Together, they helped relocate their Laika dog and four cats – Drogo, Daario, Snow and Charlie.



Indeed, Singh stayed in India for four months and took care of all the documentation for the move. She eventually left in the UK only in January 2017. The preparation did not scare her and the animals are happy to stay in a loving family.



Among those rejoicing in this change of attitude among the Bangaloreans, there is the consultant CXO and the civic activist Priya Chetty-Rajagopal.


Indeed, she stated that she conducted an informal survey and found that about 40% of people who move to different countries take their pets with them.


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