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The researchers revealed that a significant percentage of pet owners let their animals go in the toilet with them because they don’t want to leave their pets alone.


The survey also revealed that cat owners get up at 4 am, and some even earlier, to feed their cats.


This survey, which was conducted with 2000 guardians of dogs and cats, revealed that a third of the pet owners left their pets in the toilet with them and shared a bath with them.


66% of people thought it was normal and 9 of the 10 pet owners said they did not care what friends or family thought.


Dr. Deborah Well, an animal psychologist at Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, said:


“This research highlights the intensity of the devotion of the owners with regard to their dogs and cats. Some people make sure that the needs of their pets are not only taken care of but, in many cases, largely exceeded.


Pets are now an integral part of the family unit. It’s therefore no longer uncommon to see people doing “human” activities, such as eating at the table, with pets. That wasn’t the case a few years ago.


As a social species, we are programmed to seek relationships with others, whether human or not. Infantile characteristics common to dogs and cats, such as their large eyes and their clumsy movements, can trigger behavioural management.


This may explain some of the research results, especially why we treat dogs and cats the same way our children do. We simply evolved to love and take care of sweet, helpless and living things. »


The survey also revealed that 5% of owners kissed their pets on their mouths and that 15 out of 100 people even took leave from work when their pets were sick.


More than 6 in 10 people admitted that they were closer to their animals than some of their human friends. To read the entire article, please click here.


Are you astonished by these statistics? Does this really represent your relationship with your pets?


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