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In Japan, taking care of pets goes well beyond the grave. A good example is the case with the Pet Rainbow Fiesta event, which takes place in Tokyo.


Pet Rainbow Fiesta is actually a funeral exhibition for pets where visitors have received a host of options to perform rites for dead animals.


These options include cremation, the construction of an altar and the incense offering.


Basic funeral service charges start at 95,800 yen (nearly $900CDN) for a hamster or a one kilo bird.


Prices can rise to 114,800 yen (more than $1,000CDN) for a dog of 20KG, according to the funeral services company Kokolone.


An altar of flowers can be added for 30,000 yen (about $ 300CDN) and even pet keepers can hire the services of a violinist or pianist to add music during the ceremony.


The funeral rituals emphasize a Japanese belief that spirits must be pacified – and that also counts for pets.


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