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In 2015, a beautiful Labrador named Bella was diagnosed with bone cancer. Unfortunately, one of the fatalities of life is that all living beings end up dying, including man’s best friend.


Bella had a leg amputated and despite all, the vets told Robert that his dog had only three to six months to live since the cancer had spread into his lungs.


To face this reality and pay tribute to Bella, her owner and best friend Robert Kugler decided to make a last memorable trip with her canine.


Both left their homes in Nebraska and travelled to many places in the country (United States), including Chicago, Key West, Nashville and Savannah.


Finally, Bella lived fourteen months before giving her last breath just before the beginning of 2017. Here is a video summarizing their journey

What do you think of this idea? Would you have done that if it happened to your best friend or did you already do that?


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