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Abigail, a former dog “bait” left for dead on the streets of Miami, is now an ambassador.


The one-ear pitbull won the 2017 American Humane Hero Dog Awards competition on September 16 at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California.


The competition recognizes dogs that start out in life as ordinary dogs, but then do extraordinary things, according to the American Humane Association. The competition was launched in 2011.


“It was the most magical moment; she deserved this honour, said Megan Contreras, Abigail’s adoptive mother. My heart was so full of emotions.”


Her husband said in remembrance that everyone got on their knees to kiss Abigail when they knew the result.


Abigail won the title against six other finalists who have similar stories to his own. The competition includes dogs that have saved lives, have successfully rescued, therapy dogs and more.


Abigail’s remarkable journey began in Miami, where she was abandoned last fall. She had been left for dead in the streets with horrible wounds. The right side of her face was missing, and her right ear was torn off.


She was found and taken to a shelter in Miami. His photograph, with strips of mud and blood, appeared on the site of a group of Miami volunteers trying to rescue dogs.


“Abigail aims to change people’s opinions on pitbulls and educate the public about the brutality of dog fights”, said her adoptive mother.


Megan Contreras also added that Abigail was used as a piece of meat to get other dogs to learn to fight.


Now, Abigail and his adoptive sister, Tala, are trained and certified as emotional support dogs and as therapy dogs.


Megan Contreras agreed that Abigail is changing the way people see pit bulls, and that’s part of her mission.


“She has changed the minds of many people as they see pitbulls,” she concluded.


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