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The Better Business Bureau warns people of a new scam aimed at pet enthusiasts looking to buy a pet on the Internet.


On Craigslist, there are many ads with pets for sale. However, Better Business Bureau says that up to 80% of these ads are false with images taken from other sites.


After a victim sends money to the seller, he cannot back down. If the buyer ever tries to escape, the scoundrel frightens him.


“Sellers threaten buyers that the FBI could be at your door if you abandon the animal. There is therefore a constant fear factor and also the concern that this poor pet can be stolen in transit during flights,” says Jarrode Wise, a BBB employee.


Unfortunately, in many cases, the animal sold doesn’t even exist.


The Better Business Bureau hosted an event at the Berkeley Humane Society shelter in California to draw attention to another option for people looking for a pet: adopt from a local shelter.


“Searching for love online should never begin with a credit card or a money order or bank transfer. This story will never end well,” says Jeffrey Zerwekh of Berkeley Human Society.


The BBB says that the best advice to avoid a scam is to meet the animal in person, which has other benefits, such as, for example, knowing his personality.


The BBB hopes its new report will encourage law enforcement to work harder to stop these frauds, which often come from the West African country and Cameroon.


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Source: sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com

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