South West Airlines kicks out a passenger because of dogs!

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On a plane flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles, a woman claimed to have severe allergies to dogs. That is why she insisted that two dogs be removed from the flight.


But since the woman had not brought her medical documents, it was impossible to fulfill her wish. Officials later asked her to leave the plane, which she refused.


Things degenerated at that time. The Maryland Department of Transportation police was called to get the woman out of the plane.


A growing number of animal lovers bring their dogs with them during their flights. Some airlines allow up to eight pets per flight. However, service animals travel free of charge.


The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) says passengers should expect to see pets on planes. However, most airlines strive to provide a seat to allergic people so that they are as far away as possible from animals.


Southwest Airlines explains that passengers who claim to be allergic to pets must have a medical certificate with them.


The airline in this story said the incident was “discouraging” and apologized to the allergic woman for her experience.


The woman, who was accused of resisting her arrest, was eventually released.


To read the complete story, it’s possible if you click here.


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