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Gandhi said: The magnitude and value of a nation is judged by the way it treats its animals.

Hello, I am writing to you, yes, you who read me. I need your help to realize a dream, a vision that encompasses all the lovers of the animals of this world.

You know, the hardest part in the person who has lost his pet is isolation. As a pet loss therapist in, I understand the importance of expressing oneself in suffering. I see all the impact of all of you who remain silent, for fear of not being heard, of being judged.

My dream, with Clanimal’s team and your support, is to create the pet loss nationale day White Paw

The objective of this day is to make people aware of the importance of this grief. That the pain experienced is real. Take people out of isolation.

The benefits of creating this day are many: Allows people to express their grief and move on to other things and return to their normal lives, to unblock this grief. Recognizes the importance of animals in our lives. Will bring respect to this suffering.

This day would be like a commemorative day of his pet, informative with conferences, as well as a walk to display his mourning.

The disadvantages of staying isolated with his animal bereavement are: Physical ailments,

insomnia, lack of appetite, nightmares, remorse, guilt (often related to euthanasia)

Morbid thoughts, people who do not go to work, depression.

This day, YOUR day as all its place and to exist it needs your help, your voice. Speak, here, now. Tell me how this day would be important to you. Show the importance of your animal in your life. He loved you, give him back that love.



Brigitte Bérubé

Humanist therapist, grief therapist





Brigitte Bérubé

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