Damn it: “It’s not the Ref’s fault!”

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Forget the Ref’s calls…Ref don’t score goals…it’s your job! You have 3 possibly 4 lines who can score, play fast and play with a “in your face ” attitude!

Your problem is the “D”…You guys are built like monsters and play like bunnies…Playboy bunnies! Clear the front of the net…like your life depends on it!

Tonight play like the HABS of 71! Here watch the video to see how hockey is really played…Not the “hockey is a business”…Like “hockey is our PRIDE!”

Oh after that, watch my message “3 Things to do to win the 25th Stanley Cup”)…You still don’t understand…
Virus “Hockey Guru” Clanimal ( Senior Animal Advisor at Clanimal.com)
Virus The Dog

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