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In Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, the welfare of stray cats and dogs is far from being a priority for most residents after years of blood and insecurity.


These animals are usually confronted with cruelty or even extermination in the streets of the city. But now some pet lovers are looking to use social media to change attitudes and find loving owners for these four-legged companions.


Assan Attallah, a 22-year-old schoolgirl, was among six dogs to be adopted after being found in the poor neighborhood of Sadr City. She is currently looking for a new family for five doggies.


Her successes are recent, as she and a friend launched the Facebook page “Animal Adoption” three months after being shocked by the fate of the wandering animals of Baghdad.


“I started this project because I saw animals being abused and people were poisoning and killing them,” said Attallah.


“Many people buy pets at very high prices so why not adopt these animals, take them to the veterinarian and clean them so that people can adopt them?” she added.


Because of the many cruelties suffered by his country, many ask her why she is so anxious to save animals, when they have no feelings. Some add that she should rather care for the people of her country than animals.


Fortunately, other people help him in his mission. More than 35,000 people have already enjoyed the Facebook page and more and more animals are being adopted.


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