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Rabbits do not see things the same way we do. Due to their prey situation, nature has given them a very broad vision, much like radars. One could even say that thanks to this vision, they can see at almost 360o.

The eyes of the rabbit are placed on either side of their head, so they can see things sideways. It is for this reason that they may have difficulty seeing you within one meter. In fact, you are recommended to approach them on the side, because from the front you are in their blind spot, so they can be surprised.

In fact, when the rabbits look straight in your eyes, they look at you from their profile. What is great with the side view of rabbits is that they can look at two things at the same time. So in nature, all the chances are on their side to escape as quickly as possible.

The instinct of rabbits is not lost, for they believe that the more perceptible the movement they perceive, the closer the predator is. So they run. Moreover, their night vision and their vision at dusk are very good, but they do not perceive the variations of light.

However, this type of vision has its share of disadvantage. For example, they have difficulty accessing distances and depths, which can sometimes cause falls. Also, they have difficulty seeing things near the top of their head, but if an airplane passes into the sky, they can see it clearly.

What is also interesting to know about their vision is that they know how to differentiate blue from green, that they see perfectly through the windows and that their vision is at low resolution.

Stay tuned for the other senses of the rabbit.

A big thank you to Catherin Arsenault, animal photographer, for the magnificent photos!

Meghan Hamelin @Lapinsexplorateurs

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