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Bergevin had to make a move with last game result! 

When Carey has to clean the front of the net himself (twice in the 2nd period!)…

And…the “transition game” is inexistant so the guys do not generate any attack!

Bergevin was told by Geoff Molson to “move or else!”

So to clean the front of the net, Bergevin got this guy from Russia…he doesn’t cost much in equipment since he barely wears any!

Listen, we have 6 foot + guys at 225+ and they can get a fly out of Carey’s vision!!!

As a security measure, Bergevin also got this guy , from Japan (let’s hope he’s fast on the ice)…

That should take care of the front of the net against the “monsters” from out west during this trip!

Finally, for the attack Kirk Muller ask for something that will understand the “transition game” as well as the offence, so Bergevin got this from Germany (built solid)!
Guys, I adore my HABS and they could listen to me more (and to coach Julien too!) and watch my “?%$#@!!!$$#@!” video on the “3 things to do to win the 25th Stanley Cup”!!! (here on Clanimal.com)

So let’s see what they will do tonight against the Sharks…otherwise

They won’t like my next editorial! Grrrr!


Virus, “Hockey Guru” & Clanimal Sr Animal Advisor

Virus The Dog

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