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“To help the “D”, certainly trade Morrow and Davidson for 2 of these… they could not do worse!

Especially, in front of Carey…Hey Carey what do you think man?

or “trade for 2 of these…” to finally CLEAN THE FRONT OF THE “?%!!$$@@!$$!?” NET
And to support the transition to offense, I would trade 2 forwards for this…

(Come on: it gives you speed and tell me who would try to stop it!)

Yes I love my HABS more than ever…a true fan never abandoned his team! Yet…how do you kick these “beloved” gazilionnaire puck pushers?

I still dream to become their mascot, and trust me, I would “bite” any of the players not showing up to play like it can!

You guys: What would you do if you were in Marc Bergevin’s shoes? Let me know

Virus “Hockey Guru” & Clanimal Sr Animal Advisor

Virus The Dog

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