Can the HABS win again? God is positive!

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“I am positive…not gullible” said God when I asked by Virus our “Hockey Guru”

“All players know they can play from their heart and that they have hockey skills” reminded God in a celestial press conference following the HABS morning practice for tonight’s game against the LA kings !

“One thing for sure, if I were Geoff Molson, is that I would fire Trevor Timmins and the “whole scouting system”! In the last 20 years who do we have to show for?


God added “Virus, the “Hockey Guru”, has a very strong message to anyone who wears the HABS jerseys, it’s called “The 3 things to do to Win the 25th Stanley Cup”!

So my message to the players (and the guy in charge of the videos) is: WATCH IT! (otherwise the wrath of the hockey gods will be pushed on to all of you!

However, only you guys, can find within each of yourselves the inspiration not to let the fans down !

So tonight…keep on showing yourselves that you believe in you and to show us…the FANS…your respect !

Virus, “Hockey Guru” & Sr Animal Advisor at

Virus The Dog

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