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“I am asking each and every player in that dressing room to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror while they answer crucial questions that will impact the reste of their season” God kept repeating during a scrum, at the gates of heaven,  with hockey journalist after the 5-4 lost against the Coyotes Thursday’s night!

First question is: What got me here with the HABS?”and the answer is: “My character strength, my abilities and my determination”

Second question is: How many players like me reach the NHL?” and the answer is: “So very few…less than 1%!”

Third question is: Are any of the other players I play against, better than me? and the answer is: “NO!”

“In my mind (God continued) there is absolutely nothing to make any of them doubt about their chances to win games and ultimately to win this 25th Stanley Cup…like Virus the “hockey Guru” from Clanimal says in his video!

“That’s why I’ll make sure that every guy watches it so they get what the HABS have been making every child, man and woman in this province feel and dream about for the last 100 years!” (God looking straight above heaven’s gates towards the Bell Center!

Then God got upset saying “These (I heard this from the mouth of earthlings) “Gazilionaire Puck Pushers” are being paid more in a hockey season than the average man and woman will ever get paid in their entire lifetime…and…they have a hard time producing results for what they are getting paid to do! This is not acceptable”

“I agree wholeheartedly” God went on, adding”If they don’t take this message seriously, I’ll make sure the Bell Center ends up looking like the Sahara desert (like on the 3rd period against the Coyotes!) and maybe then Geoff Molson will start to look at the real place that needs rebuilding…the scouting operation! 

Guys, these are God’s words and from what I understand, he looks like he means business, so…

Why don’t you show me that you guys mean business too!

Tonight win convincingly against the Maple Leafs and start a winning streak that also means something!

Virus, “Hockey Guru” & Sr Animal Advisor, Clanimal.com

The Guy

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