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(Here is Article 1) (Montreal, October 30, 2017)

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: From October 30 to November 5, Clanimal analyzes the responsibility of certain actors in the death of Mrs. Vadnais and its impact on thousands of animal guardians in Montreal.

Summary of facts

On June 8, 2016, when she returned from her job, Christiane Vadnais from Pointe-aux-Trembles had a tragic end, following an altercation with her neighbour’s pit bull dog.

Since then, the municipal authorities have promulgated a series of “anti pit bull” regulations and other measures, with significant consequences for the citizens of Quebec, especially those of Montreal!


On September 26, I asked for a copy of the coroner’s report in the case of the death of Mrs. Christiane Vadnais, because I had too many questions on several aspects of this file.

First, according to the information posted here and there, there would have been a police intervention report, as to one or more incidents involving the same dog. So, red flags were raised, in my mind, on possible negligence of the municipal authorities.

Then, the response of Mayor “Bully Coderre” did not appear sincere and honest to me, especially as to the form of the response of the City of Montreal to this unfortunate incident.

(Excerpts from Coroner’s report Dr Ethan Lichtblau, file 2016-00495, Sept. 28, 2017, death of Christiane Vadnais, page 6)

 “According to the police report # 46-151026-010, October 26, 2015, this same dog is attacking two of the owner’s friends while the owner is away from the house, one of whom has significant injuries to the front. -bras, maybe even a fracture, and she is transported to the Santa Cabrini Hospital. ”

The “Bully”  attitude demonstrated by the mayor “Bully Coderre” in the days following the death of Madame Vadnais was political opportunistic demagogy, which is so dear to the current mayor of Montreal.

Many questions remain about the justification of the implementation of the “anti-pit bull” by-law 16-060 of the city of Montreal and its unpleasant financial consequences.

Also, the Coderre administration has instituted a paranoia vis-à-vis all big dogs, setting up the animal “gestapo” that constantly harasses the responsible animals guardians !

Tomorrow follows the next part of our analysis, and, in the meantime, take time to read, some of the analysis that I have made some aspects of this regulation, since the fall of 2016.

“The Guy”,

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The Guy

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