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(Here is Article 6) (Montreal, November 4, 2017)

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: From October 30 to November 5, Clanimal analyzes the responsibility of certain actors in the death of Mrs. Vadnais and its impact on thousands of animal guardians in Montreal.

Summary of facts

On June 8, 2016, when she returned from her job, Christiane Vadnais from Pointe-aux-Trembles had a tragic end, following an altercation with her neighbour’s pit bull dog.

Since then, the municipal authorities have promulgated a series of “anti pit bull” regulations and other measures, with significant consequences for the citizens of Quebec, especially those of Montreal!


3. What to do with the regulations of Mayor “Bully Coderre” and this one?

Mayor Coderre has been so deeply arrogant in this matter with the citizens of Montreal.

One could even say that he demonstrated, for a good number of Montreal taxpayers, unreserved contempt!

Is it because, he himself, has a profound disdain for animals? Or is it his “natural look” to be condescending to those who do not think like him?

One thing is so obvious to me (and I hope to you too) is that his way of acting from the beginning on this issue has been pure opportunistic political demagogy and Mayor Coderre behaved like a real “Bully” ( that explains the nickname that I gave him since the beginning of this situation, mayor “Bully Coderre”!

So, mayor “Bully Coderre” chose the easy method, preferred by all politicians, that is: “One puts  unlimited pressure on those who do not cause any problems! An easy solution which avoids to make responsible those who cause the problems!”

An example of this is Section 21 which requires dogs over 20 kg to wear a harness or a head halter to, according to Mayor “Bully Coderre”, control their aggressiveness otherwise a fine of $ 500 to $ 2000 is waiting for you!

Moreover, mayor “Bully Coderre” did not choose to make a decision, to promulgate the regulations 16-060 on dangerous dogs, on the basis of science, but rather on the basis of “his own” common sense!

Just watch councillor Sterling Downey interview on this point 

So mayor “Bully Coderre” has taken his cue  on Ontario and has “shoved” the same 16-060 by-law, upon the responsible animal guardians of Montreal! This is real political lack of leadership (like “his own personal 375th party”) which cost Montrealers “an arm and a leg” as the popular expression goes!).

Or, what did the mayor “Bully Coderre” have to hide to do this?

I invite you to become a member of Clanimal, if you like how we intervene in the defence of responsible animal guardians!

As for me, on November 5th, I make it clear to mayor “Bully Coderre” that, as responsible animal guardian, his profound lack of respect towards me, is over!

November 5 … mayor “Bully Coderre” and Annie Samson, you are both fired from the administration of the City of Montreal!

“The Guy,”

NB: you can take time to read, the analysis that I have made on Section 21 Harness/Head Halter

1. The Head Halter & Harness Police

The Guy

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