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Touch is a sense that is important in the relationship between you and your rabbit. Usually, they prefer caresses. However, every rabbit has a soft spot. In general, the rabbit prefers to see where it is touched to start, so on the side of the head and never flatter his buttocks.

Rabbits are sociable animals and prefer to live as a couple. So, they love to be toilet by them. This gesture is an important act in that regarding domination (see next article on the hierarchy of rabbits). They like hugs and sleep glued.

On the other hand, they prefer not to have their feet in the void. With my two babies, we make cuddles either head to head or I sit and stick them on my legs. In fact, I tried to imitate their behaviour.

To finish, the rabbits, as you could read in the article of the sight, do not see very well at the end of their nose. It is their ‘’vibrisse’’, their lips and their moustache, that inform them about their surroundings and guide them through their surroundings.


Thanks to this, they can know what is close, if there is food near them, etc.

Stay tuned for more on the sense of the rabbit.

Meghan Hamelin

Amelie Delobel

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