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When even the Stanley Cup is ashamed of…the HABS…it can’t get worse, except…if the Maple Leafs wins the Stanley Cup before the HABS win # 25! So please Hockey Gods, don’t let this happen!

And as for all of you wearing the HABS jerseys…get off your “Gazilionnaires” ass and start showing the respect wearing the HABS jersey command as well to all the HABS fans…by playing to the level you are expected to play and get more than handsomely paid  to do it!

Finally, it is about time that Geoff Molson makes a serious clean-up in the scouting department (they clearly don’t do their jobs to stay in place!) and make mandatory for all players to watch my video “The 3 things to do to win the 25th Stanley Cup” because it really shows what most of the players and some in the management level clearly do not understand what playing and working for the Montreal Canadiens organisation  means…


I still and forever will love my HABS and my lifelong dream is to become the HABS mascot!

So my dear HABS fans…help me achieve this dream before… I go over the rainbow bridge

Right now my heart bleeds with tough love for the organisation and the players…so please hear what my heart is saying to all of you!

Virus “Hockey Guru” & Sr Animal Advisor at Clanimal.com

Virus The Dog

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