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Carey, let’s face it, you were sloppy on the 2 goals you gave against Calgary, during regular time ” says Virus “Hockey Guru” from Clanimal!

“I can hear the fans questioning my call” he adds.

“I don’t care because who else than a dog, always gives you straight forward his thoughts, unfazed by anything else?”

Carey knows since he is close to his dogs and horses amongst other animals!

So as a reminder, for the technique that elevated you to stardom status and technical master of the goal posts, here are 2 videos montage from the World Jr and Sochi gold medal run.

Watch them and as you so rightly and boldly said in the past, after you do:”Chill Man!”

Oh BTW…also read my comments posted last Thursday…it’s pretty deep!

Sincerely yours (and we should meet soon!)

Virus “Hockey Guru” & Sr Animal Advisor at

Virus The Dog

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