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It’s your first Christmas without your pet, deceased this year?

The first year of departure is the year of all the first time. Every holiday will remind you, the seasons. spring, summer at the beach, the autumn marches, the first snow of the season, the holiday season.

For those who are not their first Christmas, there may be new emotions, but for the new mourners, it is a difficult time to pass.

Are you one of those who bought a gift for your pet?

This time of year makes realize what will be different. Although everyone lives it differently, but one thing is common is unique to you dear bereaved: emptiness.

The lack of this presence in this period of festivities reminds you of good times that you will not live with your faithful friend.

Some changed eating habits, or decorated as a precaution to prevent the animal from getting hurt or getting intoxicated with something. the humorous pictures of your 4-legged friends.

Do you have trouble having a festive spirit due to his absence?

Your new reality is not obvious.

How to have fun and so much sadness? How to get through?

In the whirlwind of holidays, it is important to take the time to stop, a moment to remember the good times that recall this holiday season.

To take a moment before the celebration to cry, to withdraw into his heart.

You can create a beautiful picture frame or create a craft that reminds you of your animal and expose it near the tree or symbolizing that moment.

You can offer a gift to another animal of someone you know or a shelter in honor of your friend,

Write a letter to your pet of all the precious gifts that brought you in his life, put it in a box and squeeze it in one place and take it out next year to see how to evolve your grief.

make a video and share it to your friends and family.

Toast in their honor.

I wish you all my sympathies, you have all my compassion during this holiday season or sometimes the heart is not at the celebration. Remember that your pet is gone, but you are still alive and you have the right to celebrate too.

Your hands are empty, but it leaves your heart filled.

Do you have pictures of your animals in this holiday season? share them. go show me your 4-legged friends.

Thank you

Brigitte Bérubé

humanist therapist

grief specialist

Brigitte Bérubé

Brigitte Bérubé

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