Can a furniture facilitate the relationship between you and your dog?

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Introducing:  huG Relational Furniture 

First of all, let’s try to better define the term relationship: it is simply the bond between two living beings.

Each relationship is made of the desire to stay together, of shared moments, of ways to stay close and of time to devote to each other.

huG is a relational furniture, a dog bed but not only. In addition to a comfortable compartment where the dog can sleep, huG is also equipped with a practical shelf that has several functions.

With huG positioned next to the couch the owner can use the shelf to back up his coffee mug, his favorite book and his reading glasses while the dog sleeps next to him.



Or, on the contrary, he can use the shelf to give more easily caresses and rewards in food to his puppy but also to propose to him mental activation games and small problem solving.

The shelf can also become a comfortable chair if your dog needs a stronger contact with you such as during a thunderstorm.

The dog bed is built thinking of a real hug between the dog and its owner: the roof is ideally the extension of the arm of the owner embracing his dog and protecting him.

In addition, the comfortable roof compartments allow you to place useful items such as leashes and collars, balls and ropes, books to educate your puppy… in short everything that can help the relationship between you and your dog.

So, do you still think that a furniture is something static and can not have any connection to the concept of relationship?


Well, it’s time for you to think about it and for me to greet you with a big huG!

Clanimal thanks Dr Luca Cantini, an Italian veterinary and dog & cat behaviourist who has introduced us to this amazing eco-friendly “tool” to bond with our favourite pet!

Dr Cantini will soon educate and inform all of you, here on Clanimal, on so many behavioural aspects of dogs and cats, so, keep on following us to find out when Dr Cantini will have his first blog!

Clanimal has the chance to carry this incredible product, huG Relational Furnitureright here in our store.

Let us know in the comment section below and our social media how much you would like us to that!

“The Guy”,

The Guy

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