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Hello, today I’m talking about the choice of euthanasia of your pets.

It is often difficult to make this decision, sometimes it is planned, but sometimes not.

Before making the decision to end the life of your animal, often you will try to negotiate, with a superior entity, with life.

If I give him such treatment, just to have a year or two more with it. I will change his diet, make him walk more, get rid of other animals. To move in a farm.

Try to save time because you have not had time to handle all that. You did not see it coming or maybe you did, but you do not accept it. This inevitable reality, this choice, this responsibility.

The responsibility, indeed you had accepted it when you adopted it. But as in another article I wrote: the human being can not conceive of death. She exists only if she is in front of your nose.

When to euthanasia and why? How to make the right choice.

- To  make vacation easier , because we have the pretext that we can not find anyone to keep it.
-To kill an animal because of the neighbor, the landlord who does not want animals.

Euthanasia is dying with dignity. For the human being the help to die is very controversial. For some it is obvious: we do not let anyone who has no quality of life suffer. So, why for the animal it would not be so?

Excerpt from the book written by the veterinarian: Dr marina Van Allmen-Balmelli

1-Does he have great difficulty breathing?
2-Does he moan a large part of the day without ever finding rest?
3-Is he suffering from an incurable tumor that makes him suffer?
4-Does he suffer from an affection that your vet can not completely relieve?
5-Is he unable to eat or drink on his own or does he refuse any drink or food?
6-Is he unable to take care of himself without the help of a third person and / or is he / she is not cleaner?
7-Is he unable to move on his own?
8-Does it show behavioral problems (disorientation, decreased or abandoned territory exploration, sleep disturbances, aggression)?
9-Has he reduced or stopped contact with you or his fellow creatures?
10- Does it look sad, empty or full of reproach or seem to tell you that it can not anymore?

If there is one or more affirmative quastions, it is time to consider the question.

And do not tell yourself by deffensives: it’s only one in 10. It’s not the purpose of all these questions.
Another way to make your decision is to try to put yourself in the place of your pet. How is he feeling there? Does he have to suffer before he dies?
Do not hesitate to ask questions to your veterinarian.

Another reality: money. Can I afford to invest this money on my pet? Am I willing to invest my time in taking care of my sick animal for example with diabetes.

With euthnasia comes the question: what do I do with the body of the animal? Cremated? Buried? Leave it there with the clinic, because you are financially unable to cremate it or bring it home.

If it is not a hasty decision, for example a dog who gets hit, you can talk to a humanist therapist secialized in mourning and make a decision to see your options. The rational and emotional reasons to make this decision to euthanize.

The choice will never be easy. For some it’s obvious and simple and clear, for others it comes to get them in their guts. As if we would tear what is most vital in their lives.

With euthanasia very often comes guilt. I invite you to read my article on this subject.

Euthanasia is also an act of love for your pet. Give him back what he gave you.

I invite you to comment, ask questions.
Do you have suggestions?

Brigitte Bérubé
Humanist therapist , grief specialist

Brigitte Bérubé

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