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Rabbits are able to identify even the smallest noises. They direct their ears where the noises come from. Ram rabbits have the same capacity, despite their physiology. The ears of rabbits (all rabbits included) are also a body of thermoregulation. In other words, it is ” the act of maintaining or controlling the temperature of the body, even when the surrounding external temperature is very different”1. Thanks to their great abilities, they can recognize the intention in your voice. They understand when you are angry or when you give them compliments. Rabbits prefer neutral voices. They do not like voices that are too high or too high. Here are some examples of my rabbits using their senses of hearing:
  • When Paul and Dora go outside, they get into a radar position (rabbit on two feet). When they are in this pose, they analyze the surroundings.
  • Dora recognizes perfectly the refrigerator door, she runs every time to come steal carrots or lettuce.

According to my research, I understand that rabbits with deafness can very well live and communicate with us. Hearing is not only their developed sense, the sight is also very useful to them. You can communicate with him by making movements (not too abrupt), so small movements, enough for you to attract there attention.

Meghan Hamelin
  1. Definition of Thermoregulation, Source : Anthidote 9
Meghan Hamelin

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