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(Note from Editor: Today Clanimal is happy to introduce you to Ms Regina Burdett, expert blogger on animal issues from Oldsmar, Florida.

Regina Burdett has accepted to share her expertise with you regularly on and is welcoming your questions about your cat’s behavioural issues (as well as your dogs too!) Her postings will be in English and French.

Welcome to the Clanimal family Regina Burdett!

These Are The Options

1. A family member 

2. A neighbour 

3. A boarding facility for 24/7 care

4. A pet/house sitter for 24/7 care

Please note that for this article I am focusing on the professional pet sitter option.

The Selection Process

Before you consider someone, I highly recommend you ask yourself these questions: 

*Are they licensed, insured and bonded?

*Do they have impeccable references?

*Have you done a background check (think babysitters)?

*Do they know basic Pet First Aid including CPR?

*Does your pet feel comfortable in their presence?

*Are they punctual or do they make excuses for showing up late?

*Are they reliable or do they tend to be forgetful?

*Do they fully understand your pet’s needs or are they likely to improvise?

*Are they in good health or do they have any physical limitations?

*Do they smoke or drink?

*Are they safety and security conscious or are they dismissive and take risks?

Word Of Mouth Recommendations

If you know someone who shares your concerns, such as a neighbor, work colleague, or your own veterinarian, and who has personally used the services of a pet sitter, you are more likely to feel confident about making the right choice.

Stories Of Mine 

Here are a couple of examples that illustrate caution and satisfaction:

  • A long-time client with a background in veterinary medicine shares a home with multiple rescue dogs and cats. After a successful interview, she tested me with several 45-minute visits before requesting 24/7 service. What’s more, she always checks with me first to ascertain my availability before she makes travel plans.
  • Another client of mine recently moved two hours away from my area and hired a local sitter for her two cats. One of them got quite sick because her feeding instructions had not been followed. Now, she puts the cats in her RV, and drives it to a resort close to me so I can do the visits there.

Together, let’s keep our precious pets healthy, happy and safe!  


Regina Burdett, pet caregiver


author of “Perfect” Pet Parenting

Regina Burdett

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