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Hello, in the last articles, we saw the following stages of mourning: shock, denial, anger, depression, guilt. Today, I’m talking about the before last step: acceptance.

This is not the easiest step because there are fears. The fear of forgetting him, the fear that he thinks that I do not like him if I am happy, if I suffer less. The fear of being judged by others, or even the fear of having trouble sometimes.

Many people think that acceptance is resignation, which is false. Resignation is: when I give up acting on a situation when I have the power to change things. The acceptance is: I realize that I can not change the situation and that I let go of a situation, and that it is useless to fight.

Accepting the death of your animal, does not mean that one abandons it, it means: I gave everything, I lived everything, I voluntarily take conscience that I made the tour of my suffering emotions, that it do not give anything to stay in the past, I accept what will not be, and what will be.

Having done this work of mourning, I arrive at a participative, voluntary acceptance of let go without feeling guilty. To move forward for self-love and the dead animal.

One can live the stages before in disorder, masi one can not live the acceptance without having lived the stages suffering. Only by living these other stages can acceptance be lived wholeheartedly.

Thus, I learn to see what I have inherited from my pet. Yes, animals teach us lessons. They leave in our hearts emotional traces that will remain forever in our heart.

It is the stage where the animal mourning that is external to us is deposited in our heart and is transformed into a spiritual sense of mourning. From this relationship.

The loss of the animal is lived as if we have lost forever the loved one and it is innaccessible, but by recovering the acquired lessons, it is transfused and nourishes this space in our heart, which has suffered. It is only suffering, but this love has nourished your unique relationship.

For me, mourning is like a garden, Weeds represent suffering, emotions like anger, guilt, depression. If I want flowers to grow there, I have to take care of them and tear them away. And so I can see the beautiful flowers that are already there, just waiting to show. And this garden requires maintenance. As soon as the weeds appear, I take care of them. If I let these weeds grow they will invade my garden. But if I take care of it, I’ll always be able to see the beautiful flowers, the ones that have always been there.

So, dear ones, what did your pet brought you, left you with?

Brigitte Bérubé

humanist therapist

Brigitte Bérubé

Brigitte Bérubé

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