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Hello, today I am sharing an interview with a savanah cat breeder. How does it unfold for her breeding and how are the mourning lived. For there are also the mournings of: having a kitten who dies, a cat that can not reproduce (thus breeding mourning dream) to leave his kittens to people. To leave his breeding stock. Here are Emma’s answers.

1-What is the job of cat breeder?
It is necessary to produce but also to sell cats. This work has different and very different aspects.
2-why did you choose to do that?
Because I love contact with people through animals. The aimals have always been used to create contacts with people. It’s also rewarding for many reasons

3-What does it involve?
It involves a lot of your own time and money. It also implies a significant emotional charge in many circumstances

4-When one of the litter dies, how do you react? Depending on the time and energy that I put to save him, his age, the pain is more or less intense.

5-Do your reactions to the loss have changed over time? A little, it depends …. haha ​​for new born yes but not for older

6-When your breeder puts you to retirement, how do you live it? More and more difficult

7-What makes you continue despite the losses? The passion to shape our image a future member of a family

8-Is there anyone who has affected you more than other (dead)? Many … in 10 years they all leave their mark in their way … Otherwise Nero … and Rose … Why do you think? Because she died in my arms and I gave her a bottle at the age of 10 days.

9-How do you get through? The wheel is spinning, I imagine that it is the fact of having others who follow. If not maybe I could not

10- What advice would you give to those who want to get started? I do not have any advice to give otherwise having the kidneys financially solid enough. Do not rely on income especially.

11-What helped you in your grief? Facebook lol listens to others

12 What types of bereavement do you live as a breeder?
- The breeder is sterile
- Do not give the expected look
- Stillborn X
- deformation

- Other? Mourning the separation during the delivery of the cat, otherwise due to illness or accident leading to death more often.

13-What are the prejudices that people have about breeders facing animal mourning? I have no idea! Otherwise they may believe that it leaves us cold by offering the replacement of the dead cat, but that is far from the case. I do not speak for myself. It’s a guess.
Thank you to Emma for sharing her experiences with breeding. As you see, being a breeder is not a question of money, but a question of heart, to have a solid heart when you have lost and have lived many kind of mourning differences. But what helps is the courage to continue, the passion, to please the families and to come out of isolation.

So that’s Emma’s point of view. If you are breeders of other types of animals, would you like to share your story, your experience? Write to me.

Brigitte Bérubé

humanist therapist

grief specialist

Brigitte Berube

Brigitte Bérubé

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