In order to promote innovative products that will help animal lovers, Clanimal offers a platform for entrepreneurs who want to make themselves known. Submit your products to with your price list. Today, Yamacouche helps our animal friends with incontinence problems!
Incontinence disorders are unpleasant not only for the owner, but also for the dog itself, this can be particularly difficult for the animal who is educated not to dirty the inside of the house.

Urinary incontinence is detectable by involuntary urinary leakage that may range from mild to heavy, and may be temporary, occasional, frequent, or permanent.
In the bladder, urine is maintained by two muscular sphincters called the internal urethral sphincter and the external urethral sphincter. Incontinence normally occurs when the sphincters weaken allowing urine to escape causing involuntary urinary leakage, a common problem in older dogs.

There are several reasons for incontinence in dogs, starting with inflammation of the urinary tract, urinary tract infection, for hormonal reasons, nerve damage, malformation of the urethra, calculates bladder, diabetes neurological disorder.
Pathologies that can affect muscle tone can also in some cases cause fecal incontinence: Cervical or spinal cord injury, lumbar trauma, osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia.

Castration or sterilization is also a significant risk factor for incontinence

Incontinence due to castration in the male or sterilization in the female does not necessarily appear directly after the operation, but a few years later and often incontinence of the dog or bitch is not implemented. relationship with castration or sterilization. Large breeds of male dogs are more often concerned than small breeds by incontinence due to castration.

According to a study published in the journal AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) 20% of sterilized females suffer from incontinence during their lifetime, 8 times more than whole females.

There is also dog incontinence initiated by stress, fear, excitement, joy, nervousness and often puppies can urinate as a sign of submission.

Several treatments exist to resolve incontinence-related disorders. These treatments can be effective and successful if the reasons for incontinence have been found and diagnosed.

Obviously, it is highly recommended that the animal should be seen and examined by a veterinarian.

However, dog incontinence or the fact that incontinence medications do not work are not reasons for using euthanasia. With a specialized layer for animals, your companion can live for many years despite his incontinence and be happy.

To avoid the burden of medical treatment or surgery and pain, the specialized layer for animals is a gentle, pleasant and respectful alternative for your pet.

Lyne Chartrand
Co-Founder, Les Créations Yamacouche

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