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Ten years ago was born the dog that would literally change my life for the better! Virus The Noble Clown was born from a litter of 10 pupps and 5 weeks after his birth, I had my first contact with him!

2 Minutes

It’s all the time I’ve spent with him when I saw him for the 1st time! Just 2 minutes where I stroke his coat gently and savouring every second of it, and, as the saying goes…the rest was history! I knew right then and there, we were meant to be together!

Four weeks later, when time had come for what the breeder called the “selection” process, I was led to the backyard, on a cold January 22, 2009, evening and then the breeder opened the basement door to let all the pups out.

Guess who twice came “zooming” towards me and both times just turned around to face his siblings and sat between my legs, kind of looking at every one saying : “Hey this guy and I will be together forever!”

10 years

Ten years later, my happiness has only grown deeper for having spent all these beautiful moments with Virus. His presence in my life has changed me for the better. He brought me to really feel how following my instinct is crucial (and that’s the way we can communicate with animals!)

He also “showed” me how important the present is. He only lives in the “moment”! (Imagine, if how humans could finally get that, how life would be for each of us!) Animals don’t know what past or future is. What counts for them is only the moment when everything happens!

Today at 10 years old (sometimes he still acts like a 6-month-old puppy!) I see he is “slowing” down a bit (that gives him 80 years old) and eventually he will leave me for his other life. As I write this, I begin feeling sad and then just one look at him “staring” at me and he brings me back to what counts…the moment!

So, even if it’s a “human thing”, please join me to wish Virus the best 10-year-old birthday ever!

To all of you who have a favourite pet in their lives, love them every moment and allow yourselves to really feel the unconditional lives they show you every moment of every day! They really make a positive impact in our lives and make us become better human beings!

Happy birthday Virus…I love you too forever big guy and we are together for eternity!


The Guy

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