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It’s me, Virus, Senior Animal Advisor and I feel the St-Valentine spirit and even though I do not “practice certain activities the couple in the human movie do, I am extremely romantic (as you can witness from the pictures!) I am rich (with my owner’s unconditional love), quite a catch and one hell of a Casanova (do I know how to talk to females!)

Virus "Dr Love"

Virus “Dr Love”

So do me a favour, and stop using your cell phone, tablet and  computer for 3 minutes (after having read this posting obvioulsy!) and think about “What does your favourite pet (or the one you dream having) represents for you in your life!”

Once you have done that, go to My Story and just take a couple of minutes (ok…enough to write it!)  to let the whole world know it!  You can write it as your self or even better, you can write it as if you were in your animal shoes (through its eyes!) and post photos too!

Virus "The Dr Love"

Virus “The Dr Love”

Tomorrow…for the next 4 days, the follow-up story  and until then, please share this posting on all the social media where you are present…to show the whole world how much you love all animals, particularly the one that shares your life!

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Virus, Senior Animal Advisor

Virus The Dog

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