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For thousands of people across Canada, pets have an important place in their lives. Whether for work or pleasure, we love them. When they die, they leave a void in our hearts and people grieve, sometimes, more intensely than human grieving.


Animal bereavement is as important as human mourning. The person will go through the same stages of grief, but they cannot talk about it because it is taboo. This creates a blockage in the work of mourning and there are physical and moral manifestations of keeping all of your emotions inside. Also, the social impact of a person going through bereavement no longer needs to be proven.


It is essential to express your emotions in order to be able to get out of the suffering of bereavement. Indeed, recognizing, accepting and expressing one’s emotions is one of the essential tasks of grieving. Failure to do so may never solve it.


The place of ritual


Since the dawn of time, people have felt the need to make sense of their psychological pain. Thus, from these ancestral needs were born the rituals of mourning. As far as we can look in history, there are traces of rituals. These have a symbolic function of connecting us to the one we have lost. It makes it possible to fulfill the mission of integrating the absence of being and life without it.


Public rituals


Public rituals serve to honor the deceased and have essential psychological functions. They are intended for those who remain. It is therefore essential for the bereaved to give this final ceremony a precise dimension. This ritual allows them to see themselves in mourning and offers them a socially recognized framework for the natural expression of emotions.


A public ceremony would create a feeling of belonging with the community. In this way, collective support would be woven across Canada. Even if the ceremony would last only one day, it would allow the bereaved of their pet to feel loved, supported, and would bring a glimmer of hope, of human warmth suggesting that we can get through this. mourning.


I believe that creating a National Day of Animal Mourning dedicated to our faithful pets would allow physical and moral well-being and bring inner peace to many people. This National Day would serve as a reference point to remember how far we have come since the death of the beloved animal and would bring to these people the strength of individuals and of a people to face hardships.


Animal mourning is important elsewhere in the world, such as in the United States where they celebrate this day on the second Sunday in September each year. Let us leave our trace of animal mourning ritual in history for future generations.



The greatness and worth of a nation is judged by the way it treats its animals.

-Following our efforts, the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries of Quebec, supports the day of animal mourning.


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Brigitte Berube


Petloss expert

Brigitte Bérubé

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