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Even today, there are many people who will think to adopt a cat without considering they will have to take care of it every day.

Even if your cat will be more or less an independent animal, it will still need attention, and for at least the next 10 years.

How not to fall in love to a little kitten, they are so cute!

Nobody can really remain insensitive to a small kitten and that’s why many people will decide to adopt this little animal without thinking, because your kitten will grow up. At that time, some new owners will decide to simply get rid of their pet because it becomes too annoying. To avoid this situation, CLANIMAL will attempt to inform you a little more about what your cat will need in the future, in this way you will know what to expect adopting  a cat.


The cat is an animal that loves to play, especially if you did sterilized it. Indeed, a sterilized cat will tend to stay in adolescence for the rest its life.

Many people might find it beneficial, but for others it could be a living hell. Adopting a cat means you really love animals, because your cat will need training to teach him the rules of your home, but you’ll need a lot of patience and lots of love and it is not good to leave your cat alone for too long.

To keep your cat healthy and happy as possible, you’ll need accessories that you can easily find in a specialized pet shop.

This is the accessories list that you absolutely must buy if you want to be the happy owner of a domestic cat. You will need litter and cat box, this is where it will make its needs and not around your home. Your cat will also need to play, because otherwise it will go on sensible things that you would not want it to touch.

Regarding the food, you can choose a dry or wet food, but CLANIMAL advise you to choose the best quality possible.

You will also need to identify your cat with an identification microchip or tag, this accessories are especially useful if you misplace your cat. You will have to buy a scratching post so your cat can make his claws. If you really want to train your cat, you could use a small water pistol or a spray bottle for plants, those tools will do wonders to train your cat.

This is obviously a simple overview of what you’ll need if you are adopting a cat, CLANIMAL suggest you to think well before adopting a cat, you will find much information about cat on our website.

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