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If you are looking to become a first time dog owner, there are many things to take into consideration.

In fact, it is strongly recommended that all new dog owners enlist the services of a specialist whether it be a canine behavioural therapist or a dog trainer to help them transition into successful dog ownership.

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To begin, as a new dog owner, it is important to know that all dogs require regular exercise. The easiest and most efficient way to ensure that your dog has enough exercise to keep it healthy is by walking it regularly. Of course, certain dog breeds have higher energy levels and will require more exercise than others. Depending on the origin of the breed your dog will have different exercise needs. For instance, working dogs and hunting dogs will need to be more active than companion dogs. Therefore, it is important to research the breed you intend on adopting beforehand in order to determine if the breed is suitable for your lifestyle.

As a first time dog owner, getting to know the breed of dog you are interested in will also help you determine if the dog is a good match for living with children and how independent the dog will be.

If you are seldom at home, certain breeds of dog will be very unhappy in result. Again, research will ensure that your lifestyle is well suited for the dog breed you get. It will also indicate the amount of time and effort the breed requires in terms of grooming. Certain breeds need extensive and regular grooming while others need minimal attention. Depending on your preferences and needs, it is an important aspect to consider since grooming is imperative to keep the dog’s coat healthy.

Finally, it is important to understand that dogs need leadership, boundaries and rules. However, they do not respond well to aggression. Special care must be First time dog ownertaken to help the dog understand the house rules. To help facilitate the process, a dog trainer can be consulted. These are all important aspects to consider when choosing to adopt a new pup.

As a first time dog owner, you should research thoroughly before adopting and take the necessary steps to ensure that your new canine friend is compatible with your routine and will be able lead a happy and healthy life in your household. So read about our various blogs on… it’s reliable, simple and…free!

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