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Can bones be given to dogs?

Can bones be given to dogs? If you prepare homemade meals for your pet, you must add bones, but remember that bones must always be raw. They must come from chicken neck or breast, be crushed and added to food. Never feed your pet cooked bones (especially chicken bones) because they risk perforating the stomach […]

Healing foods for our pets

Healing food for our pets You can safely add food with healing properties to your pet’s meals or as a snack; it will help fight some health   problems, prevent deficiencies or simply contribute to a healthy and complete diet. Fruits are essential for many species because they are an excellent source of sugars and vitamins […]

Is chocolate toxic to pets?

Is chocolate toxic to pets? Yes. Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, which are substances that stimulate the central nervous system and are very toxic to pets. Theobromine triggers an excessive secretion of adrenaline, a hormone that increases the heart rate and can cause arrhythmia. A 100 to 200mg/kg dose of caffeine or theobromine is lethal. […]

Feeding Orphan Kittens and Puppies

Feeding Orphaned pets You can use a prepared  milk mixture (recipe below), which is very nourishing, for orphaned pets that must be bottle-fed. Add only small quantities of rice cereal to the milk mixture (5 ml [1 tsp.] for the first four weeks). It is important that the mixture is not too thick otherwise newborns […]

A holistic approach for pets they have arthritis

Holistic approach and supplements to help our pet who suffer from arthritis A holistic approach to helping pets suffering from arthritis  There are more and more pets of all ages suffering from arthritis. Arthritis is no longer a phenomenon related to aging; many factors, including chemicals (preventive medicine) and unhealthy commercial food, are partly to […]

Animal Assisted Therapy in the Classroom

  Animals enrich the classroom experience and stimulate learning; the presence of animals allows the students to be curious and ask questions. They help build their self-esteem and learn responsibility and empathy for everyone and everything around them. Kids turn to their pets for emotional well being or when feeling lonely, scared, tired, or upset […]

A holistic approach for pets they have cancer

 A holistic approach to helping pets suffering from cancer Cancer is a disease that was virtually unknown in cats and dogs before the industrial manufacturing of pet food. We must add that air pollution (air pollutants) and chemical products to which our pets are excessively exposed (flea products, vaccines, dewormers, etc.) are also likely to […]

Pets drowning …what to do

   WATER SAFETY  Drowning claims many domestic animals every year. Dogs and cats are instinctive swimmers, but there are situations where even their natural skills are unavailing. Basic safety rules are therefore in order. Keep a constant eye on your pet if it jumps into a lake or pool. Also look out for cramps and […]
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