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8 Myths and false beliefs about Cats (Part 1)

1- A Cat Has Nine Lives False! Of course, a cat is a mammal, and just like all living beings, once they experience death, they can’t come back to life. So why the “Nine lives”? This belief is mainly due to the fact that, for humans, cats are able to survive situations humans wouldn’t be […]

8 Myths and false beliefs about Cats (Part 2)

There are a lot of false beliefs about the cat, so here’s the second part of a short test allowing you to assess your knowledge… So, “True” or “False”? 6- Cat Always Fall Back on Their Feet Absolutely false! However, it’s true that the cat possesses a specific reflex called the “cat righting reflex”, an […]

A New Cat

Whether you are welcoming your first cat home where there is currently no other pet or whether you are adopting your 7th cat in a house where there are already 4 cats and one dog, the arrival of a new cat in a home is always an important event.

Tiger’s First Day – Part 1

You went to get Tiger and you are ready to bring your new pet home. The litter box with its lid is already installed in the laundry room, down in the basement. Her food and water bowls are in the kitchen. When you arrive home, it is already dark. You get in the house and […]
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