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For a good understanding of nutrients’ role, you have to know how the body operates when it is in a balanced state. When that balance is disturbed, the body sinks in a state of illness, then come allergies, cancer, digestive disorders, immune system related problems and diseases that are a direct result of nutritional deficiencies.

Steps to grooming our pets – part 2

Combing thoroughly the 3rd step. Combing will catch any little knots that might have gone unnoticed. It’s important to remove all knots even if they are tiny because tiny knots will develop into huge knots. Use a straight back comb combination (2 and 5 mm spacing of the teeth on the comb).

What is massage?

Massage is any systematic form of touch that gives comfort and promotes good health. If you have ever had a therapeutic massage you will agree that massage feels good! All animals enjoy massage, however some need it more than others just like people.
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