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Pets drowning …what to do

   WATER SAFETY  Drowning claims many domestic animals every year. Dogs and cats are instinctive swimmers, but there are situations where even their natural skills are unavailing. Basic safety rules are therefore in order. Keep a constant eye on your pet if it jumps into a lake or pool. Also look out for cramps and […]

I have a Story to tell…and emotions to share

Come on  to tell your stories…and share with the World your emotions with the animal who shares your life! This is why invites you to take the time you choose to share all these beautiful stories that you have lived…and all the others you will live during your life together with the animal […]


For a good understanding of nutrients’ role, you have to know how the body operates when it is in a balanced state. When that balance is disturbed, the body sinks in a state of illness, then come allergies, cancer, digestive disorders, immune system related problems and diseases that are a direct result of nutritional deficiencies.
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