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How to act in front of an unknown dog?

What to do when have is in contact with an unknown dog It’s not always easy to determine how people will react to certain situations. It’s the same for animals, including dogs. Even when you see a dog and it seems very cute, to avoid unpleasant surprises always apply the five following rules: 5.         Pay […]

Is My Dog A “Special Edition”?

You’ve always owned dogs and you’ve never had any hard time training them, but this one right here seems like a lost cause: he’s completely unmanageable. He doesn’t listen, he makes a mess out of the house, he’s scared of everything, and he can’t seem to calm down. In other words: he makes you go […]

Defense Reflexes In Dogs

All animals share the same defence reflexes. It’s a natural behavioural mechanism. When the animal is scared, it will express those behaviours automatically. These reflexes will allow the animal to survive a stressful situation. Whether it’s life is in danger or not, the animal will always express its reflexes the same way. In order to […]

Can A Dog Suffer Trauma?

Indeed, it can! Well of course, there is physical trauma but in this case we are talking about psychological trauma. Just like humans, dogs can experience traumatic events and be left scarred for life. Generally, the event is a stressful situation during which the animal is so scared it thinks it will “die”. In that […]

How to detect signs of stress in dogs

Just like us humans, dogs are not immune to stress. They can feel stress in all sorts of situations, positive or negative. When a situation is positive, we will often say that the dog is excited; but in a negative situation, we say that the dog is anxious. Whichever it might be, the feeling is […]

The socialization in the puppy (Part 2)

In this case, “Immersion” means being in an uncomfortable situation that causes stress. If the fear is too great and that the animal cannot escape, a trauma will happen. Here is a common example: Fido is 9 weeks old and oh so cute. With his owner, they pass by a schoolyard and all the children […]

Socialization in the puppy (part 1)

Do you know that the most critical period for a puppy is between the age of 0 and 4 month? It’s during that stage that all it has learned, good or bad, will be “recorded” in such way that they will shape the character and the behaviour of the dog. All the experiences the puppy […]
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