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Pet loss

I find it amazing that sometimes people ask me what it is: animal bereavement. It's an animal who loses something? It is undoubtedly that it is a term that is new, althought it exist since the night of time, but the relationship with our pet has changed. In the past, the animal were mostly utilities […]

Animal Bereavement

Let me introduce myself, Brigitte Bérubé, I am therapist in relation Specialized assistance in bereavement and animal assisted therapy or pet therapy. Often people ask me why pet loss? This question simmered in my head for a long time before I found this answer. It was not I who chose it, it was mourning that […]

Horses & Music: a match made in heaven with Justine Blanchet!

(NB: is happy to introduce you to the great combination between passion for horses and an unbelievable talent: Justine Blanchet!) Singing and horses: two similar passions. Singing conveys a wide range of emotions in the singer and in the listeners. Singing is also rallying. Horses with their elegance and their unique personality trigger similarly […]

Road Safety (for the rider) (part 2)

Horse and human alike can become bored of the “same old same old”. One option is to take your horse out of the riding ring and on a hack. Hacks can include riding in fields, trails, forest and roads. A few things should be taken into account before you set off on your ride. Not […]

Road Safety (for the driver) (part 1)

In urban centers a horse is not a common sight, either being rode or driven. Some larger cities have carriage rides but out of safety for the horse those rides tend to stay in parks or on smaller streets. If you venture out to the country it is possible to come across a rider out […]

Horse Trailers on the Road (part 2)

When you are driving around horse trailers you must be a responsible driver and take care. If you are in front of the trailer make sure to signal early if you are turning off the road, no distance is too far to start signalling. When stopping do not brake quickly, this means not following the […]

Horse Trailers on the Road (part 1)

Horses are great to own and ride on property but at times riders just want more! Some riders compete at shows across the country side sometimes across the province or even into the states. Other riders like to take advantage of the trails in other areas. This all means eventually a horse will have to […]

So You Want to Start Riding?

Which discipline you wish to start in is a good place to start. There are two main styles of riding, English and western. Within these disciplines are many, many more disciplines but for a beginner they do not matter. Once you or your child start riding and develop skills you will understand more of what […]
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