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Move to France for Elephant Haven…

Okay, the search for land for Elephant Haven continued… We even went to Tuscany, Italia to see some land but it was too expensive to find a big piece of land. Because we had maybe found an interesting land, we went back to France for a couple of days to visit some potential land. We […]

Feeding Orphan Kittens and Puppies

Feeding Orphaned pets You can use a prepared  milk mixture (recipe below), which is very nourishing, for orphaned pets that must be bottle-fed. Add only small quantities of rice cereal to the milk mixture (5 ml [1 tsp.] for the first four weeks). It is important that the mixture is not too thick otherwise newborns […]

The Founder’s Syndrome

Because there is no sanctuary for elephants in Europe, we first went to talk to refuges for other animals like birds, foxes, and owls. The first one said it was a stupid idea and not necessary. But luckily we got more advice from other ones. We talked with the studbook keepers of Asian and of […]

Hypnose et animaux (1)

Bonjour, C’est la première fois que j’écris sur un blogue et je voulais commencer par me présenter et vous expliquez ce que je fais dans la vie et pourquoi j’ai choisi cette profession. Donc, je suis Marie-Josée Lamoureux, technicienne en hypnose depuis presque 4 ans et j’adore les animaux. Premièrement, on m’a approché pour parler […]
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