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Do you experience Puppy Love?

Isn’t great to experience puppy love? It seems to be a sure thing for these animals! As a matter of fact can animals experience “puppy love” or is it just an expression made up by humans? In the mean time,while you answer this existential question, enjoy this video. is asking all the candidates in […]

2 is more Fun

Sometimes Nature is telling us that 2 is more Fun! Witness it by your self.(credits to You Tube & Jessy Reford) We need your signature and your sharing of our petition to change the legal status of animals so we start to finally consider them as Living Sentient Beings! Please Go sign (and share) our petition to change […]

Dog Theft: Could it happen to you?

This is an important question: Do you think dog theft could happen to you? From March 14th to 21st, will be held the National Pet Theft Week and Clanimal feels important to remind you through this article from the Boston Standard in the UK(thanks to them, good article guys!) to never leave your pet unattended […]
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