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Learning for dogs

Sharing your life with a dog means pleasure and joy but also education since your canid will need to learn to live his life following your rules and those of our society. A question arises: how do dogs learn? This week’s blog will answer that question. Dogs learn through two very simple models: Classical conditioning […]


It is important to understand that the body works efficiently when it is in a state of equilibrium other wise diseases start to manifest; allergies, cancers, digestive problems, immune system problems etc. Many factors can cause this imbalance such as pollution, chemical products and an unhealthy diet. Hippocrates in the year 400 bf-.J-C said “ […]

Steps to grooming our pets

Untangling those knots (the 1st step). It is important to undo all knots hidden beneath the fur before proceeding to the final stage of bathing. Knots left in the bottom of the fur will trap moisture and become an ideal environment for microbes which can lead to skin infections. De-matting should be performed using a […]

How to Choose a Dog?

How to Choose a Dog, Are all ways to go about it good? Are all ways to go about it good? No…since we cannot choose a family pet according to “human” criteria such as: Oh it’s so cute, it is very happy to see me, I will save this dog, etc. Let’s be clear, animals […]

Dogs on Marijuana is not a good idea!

Whether animals are mistreated in Quebec or else where in the world, Clanimal shall not stay indifferent to human stupidity nor human goodness either. Presently, mayor “Bully Coderre” demonstrate an unequivocal disgust for, not only “Pit bull” type dogs, he shows it as well towards all responsible dog guardians of Montreal, with Section 21 of […]

Abuse on Animals and Sentences

Presently, we can state that there is a serious lack of commitment by the authorities to eradicate mistreatment of animals. Someone better explain the timidity in the application of the law. Clanimal submits that a firm and sincere commitment, by the authorities, to enforce the law, actually issue fines and imprisonment, to show mistreatment of […]


Yo se que todos los gatos son traviesos y curiosos pero mi gato Hogan podría ganar varios premios…ha hecho de todo en sus 12 años de vida. Me mudé por primera vez a vivir sola en el año 2001, en el mismo edificio que viví los dos primeros años en Canadá, en el departamento de […]
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