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Are You Ready?

Here you are! It has been 5, 10, 20 years since you swore that when the right moment arrived, you would have your own dog!! Or has it only been 10 minutes…Well, to each his own rhythm. In short, you have studied different breeds; you have visited breeders and have thought carefully about it. The […]


Pets: carrying germs? (From the series “Why bringing your pet to public places!” #2) We believe that pets don’t carry as much germs as pollution (for example: smog, charcoal, etc.), doctors or nurses who leave the hospital at the end of the day and go to the restaurant or to a shopping center (most of […]

Socialization in the puppy (part 1)

Do you know that the most critical period for a puppy is between the age of 0 and 4 month? It’s during that stage that all it has learned, good or bad, will be “recorded” in such way that they will shape the character and the behaviour of the dog. All the experiences the puppy […]

Work can start!

                What a place it is, so diverse, rolling hills, lakes, streams and lush vegetation, an elephant dream!         We started unpacking, and settled fast, even our cat Oz who never had stairs love it the place! She was a Queen in the house. But back to […]

A Very Happy New Year 2016 from is thanking you for the love you have showed in 2015, toward all animals on earth and for your support for our activities So in the respect of its mission to improve relations between humans and animals, is wishing all of you in 2016:   To understand and feel profoundly all the importance […]

Increased Accessibility for domestic animal (Part 1 of 2)

Increased Accessibility to Public Spaces and Lodging (Part 1 of 2) The ban of animals in certain public spaces or in apartment dwellings (or condos) existing in 2016, despite the fact its achieved status in our minds (i.e.: full-fledged family members) is simply unacceptable! It is definitely not the intent to impose any domestic animals […]
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