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Animal by-products (Part 2)

Animal by-products are hardly considered as high-quality proteins. They however meet the minimal standards set by the AAFCO and can be listed as quality protein sources on the product’s package! When it comes to the proteins’ quality, there are no regulations regarding the origin of the ingredients used for pet food29. Therefore, products like engine […]

“Speaking” dog? Why not! (Part 2)

What are calming signals? You already know them! We will often associate them with indifference, boredom, or fatigue, when in reality your dog is using calming signals on you. Here they are: Yawning Shaking off Scratching Licking chops Averting eyes Sniffing the ground Lying down Sitting down Lifting paw Freezing Moving slowly Making a detour […]

Move to France for Elephant Haven…

Okay, the search for land for Elephant Haven continued… We even went to Tuscany, Italia to see some land but it was too expensive to find a big piece of land. Because we had maybe found an interesting land, we went back to France for a couple of days to visit some potential land. We […]

Horse Trailers on the Road (part 2)

When you are driving around horse trailers you must be a responsible driver and take care. If you are in front of the trailer make sure to signal early if you are turning off the road, no distance is too far to start signalling. When stopping do not brake quickly, this means not following the […]

PUPPY MILLS, Application of the Law: coercion (2 of 3)

Puppy Mills, Reinforcing and a more muscled application of the law  (continuation) Do politicians really believe puppy mills operators stand in line to obtain their permits? Clanimal is far from being convinced about it and believe much more in a strong approach of coercion aiming squarely at the “financial heart” of these illegal operations (as described […]
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