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How to introduce your puppy to your home

The big day has arrived! Now that you have sworn respect and fidelity to it (I am talking about the puppy, obviously!) how are you going to introduce it to its new environment? Are you the type « Go on has you wish » or « prove yourself first then we’ll decide what to do ». Personally I […]

What is massage?

Massage is any systematic form of touch that gives comfort and promotes good health. If you have ever had a therapeutic massage you will agree that massage feels good! All animals enjoy massage, however some need it more than others just like people. Massage is a great way to get to know your pet physically […]

Why a Dog?

Like all of you, I have experienced “pseudo-stand-up comedians” that, from the depth of their “wisdom”, sometimes yell at me “Hey you…do you put a saddle on this?” When this happens, I usually tell these “clowns”: “Listen if this is a horse, that means I got fooled by the breeder since I thought I bought […]

Owners cure their sick companions with cannabis!

This story takes place in San Francisco, USA. Michael Fasman sees his 12-year-old dog suffers from arthritis in addition to being hurt due to an amputated toe. He refuses to give her painkillers, since it makes her completely knocked out. Therefore, the man has turned to another form of medication to relieve the pain of […]
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