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You’re planning on having a big party; there will be lots of guests and lots of food! And of course, since Fido is a member of the family, you think it’s a good idea to include him on the fun. Well, I didn’t want to be the party crasher but it might not be the […]


For over 20 years I have had the privilege to pursue my passion, which is to care for animals. I am a Biologist and Animal Health Technician, speaker and author of several books on animal care, my name is Chantale Robinson. Starting today, I will keep you in tune with the multiple aspects of animal […]


If you plan on moving, there are a few important steps you need to follow in order for you and your dog to get off to a good start in your new life. Moving is as tremendously stressful for you as it is for your doggie. Changing territories for a dog is quite difficult to […]


Some people believe that a leader is somebody who inspires fear, is violent and aggressive; others believe that possession of material goods or social backgrounds create leaders. Well, I would say that there are various ways of describing a leader. But a good leader is someone we want to follow; someone we want to work […]


Our pets are part of our family and they accompany us more and more to our friends’ home and they even travel on vacations with us. It is a good thing to include our family pets in our activities since it is somewhat entertaining for them instead of suffering alone at home from anxiety and […]

Fifty Shades of Grey-t Dane! (Part 2)

Yesterday, I asked you “What does your favourite pet (or the one you dream having) represents for you in your life!” and I don’t seem to have caught your attention! So as any other animal that does not judge humans, I am going at it again today, hoping to catch your attention  and get you […]

Animal Bereavement

Let me introduce myself, Brigitte Bérubé, I am therapist in relation Specialized assistance in bereavement and animal assisted therapy or pet therapy. Often people ask me why pet loss? This question simmered in my head for a long time before I found this answer. It was not I who chose it, it was mourning that […]

Move to France for Elephant Haven…

Okay, the search for land for Elephant Haven continued… We even went to Tuscany, Italia to see some land but it was too expensive to find a big piece of land. Because we had maybe found an interesting land, we went back to France for a couple of days to visit some potential land. We […]

Road Safety (for the driver) (part 1)

In urban centers a horse is not a common sight, either being rode or driven. Some larger cities have carriage rides but out of safety for the horse those rides tend to stay in parks or on smaller streets. If you venture out to the country it is possible to come across a rider out […]

Sorry about the Inconveniences / Nos excuses pour les inconvénients

Like all websites, we can experiment from time to time “technological hiccups”…which we are unfortunately at the moment. We have very dedicated people working on it to resolve these as fast as possible. Please continue following us of in the meanwhile. Thanks for your understanding, patience and loyalty! “” Comme tous les sites, il […]

Diario de una naturalista

En estos días de primavera estoy viniendo a trabajar al Jardín Botánico en bicicleta y me resulta un buen momento para reflexionar sobre que va a ser lo siguiente que voy a escribir. Estaba pensando como el sueño de toda mi vida fue ser bióloga, y como finalmente por cuestiones académicas termine estudiando geografía ambiental, […]
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