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Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine. Both stimulate the nervous system and are toxic for animals. Theobromine brings on excessive secretion of epineprine (adrenaline) which increases an animal’s heart rate and can trigger an arrhythmia. Adose of only 100 to 200 mg/kg of caffeine or theobromine is fatal. Asmall dog weighing one to two kilograms (2.2 […]

What is a protein and amino acid?

A protein is a nutrient necessary for the growth and development of muscles, bones, tendons, cellular components (ex: enzymes, hormones, insulin, antibodies,) and for the multiple biological functions in the body. Essential and non-essential amino acids There exist some 300 different amino acids from which 20 are utilized for the biosynthesis of proteins in the […]


Here is now a delicate topic giving rise to different opinions. When I entered the canine world about 20 years ago, treats where not popular. Most of the “tamers” (English translation for the French word dompteur), word used back then and meaning obedience through coercion, would use the term “BREAK” a dog, and that, since the […]

Is My Dog A “Special Edition”?

You’ve always owned dogs and you’ve never had any hard time training them, but this one right here seems like a lost cause: he’s completely unmanageable. He doesn’t listen, he makes a mess out of the house, he’s scared of everything, and he can’t seem to calm down. In other words: he makes you go […]

Elephant working systems

Elephant working systems informations In the 5th blog–when Sofie and I went to the Zoo of Rhenen in Holland for a few days to learn more about African elephants–I mentioned the “Protected contact system” and promised to give an elaborate explanation about it. There are 3 ways to work with elephants. No contact system: This […]

So You Want to Start Riding?

Which discipline you wish to start in is a good place to start. There are two main styles of riding, English and western. Within these disciplines are many, many more disciplines but for a beginner they do not matter. Once you or your child start riding and develop skills you will understand more of what […]
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