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For a good understanding of nutrients’ role, you have to know how the body operates when it is in a balanced state. When that balance is disturbed, the body sinks in a state of illness, then come allergies, cancer, digestive disorders, immune system related problems and diseases that are a direct result of nutritional deficiencies. […]

Fifty Shades of Grey-t Dane! (Part 1)

It’s me, Virus, Senior Animal Advisor and I feel the St-Valentine spirit and even though I do not “practice certain activities the couple in the human movie do, I am extremely romantic (as you can witness from the pictures!) I am rich (with my owner’s unconditional love), quite a catch and one hell of […]

My love story with my bunny

My love for rabbits started by accident. Since my childhood, I have rubbed shoulders with different animals. I had a cat (not very long), tree dogs and two birds. I feel an unconditional love for animals. My mother gave me this love thanks to her father who had a farm. Now I have rabbits by […]

Road Safety (for the rider) (part 2)

Horse and human alike can become bored of the “same old same old”. One option is to take your horse out of the riding ring and on a hack. Hacks can include riding in fields, trails, forest and roads. A few things should be taken into account before you set off on your ride. Not […]
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