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Can we buy a dog like we buy a car?

There are different types of consumers, amongst others, the impulsive, the zealous and the knowledgeable. How about we now, compare the purchase of a car and the adoption of a dog? The impulsive sees the New Year model in a parking lot and runs to the dealership to buy it notwithstanding that a sport coupe […]


If there’s one thing you have to remember today and for the future, it’s that if your pet suffers from allergies, a wound, a viral or bacterial infection, then your pet’s body will need extra quality proteins to be able to cope during that stressful time; a fact that the industry doesn’t consider. Beware of […]


It is so adorable and sweet when it turns around and appears to say to you : are you coming to play with me? With your lipstick “stamped” on its forehead, how can you resist to not grab this little munchkin and just adore it? Its coat is so soft that you could stroke it […]


That is THE question dog trainers are the most asked. And unfortunately that question is more complex that it seems. A dog cannot be categorized so easily, the same can be said about cats, horses or even human beings! And you have to keep in mind that a dog is not submissive or dominant towards […]

The socialization in the puppy (Part 2)

In this case, “Immersion” means being in an uncomfortable situation that causes stress. If the fear is too great and that the animal cannot escape, a trauma will happen. Here is a common example: Fido is 9 weeks old and oh so cute. With his owner, they pass by a schoolyard and all the children […]

Dogs on Marijuana is not a good idea!

Whether animals are mistreated in Quebec or else where in the world, Clanimal shall not stay indifferent to human stupidity nor human goodness either. Presently, mayor “Bully Coderre” demonstrate an unequivocal disgust for, not only “Pit bull” type dogs, he shows it as well towards all responsible dog guardians of Montreal, with Section 21 of […]

Legal Status of Animals = Quebec Election 2014 is calling upon all of you to require from every candidates to take a stand with regard to the legal policies set by Clanimal on animal issues in Quebec. WE cannot trust politicians to address animal issues during this campaign and Clanimal cannot be left alone to be the voice of animals. So help […]

Improving Animals Handling into Society

Public Insurance Coverage for Service Animals could be a good Animals Handling for starting It is unthinkable that the governmental authorities didn’t think about it before, and it’s most likely because they do not see the benefits brought by animals working with humans, helping them to handle obstacles their handicap brings into their lives. How […]

Animal Education, the real benefits…

At we are strongly in favour of educating children since, like in lots of cases, educating children help make them become as they grow up a responsible adult! But what about the animals? To that effect, a similar training as for adults could be given at school at the elementary level as a basic course. […]
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