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If you’re a new kitten owner, its behavior may seem confusing for you. But over the time, you’ll discover that everything your kitten could do is part of its life learning.

If you are knowledgeable about the behavior of the kitten, this might help you to make the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. With this, your kitten will grow according to the rules of your family and it will be easier when it reaches adulthood.

Kitten behaviorThere is a strong majority of new owners of cats who will find annoying that their kitten scratches everywhere around.It is important to remember that the cat remains and will always remain a predator and scratching allows it to play pretending to catch its prey. Also, scrape or more commonly scratch, is rooted in their genes and it allows it to sharpen its claws to be more sharp for the next hunt. However, you can train it at a young age so it could make the difference between where it can or can not do its claws. With patience your kitten will eventually understand.

Many new cat owners will find that their cat is rather aggressive.

The aggressiveness for the kitten is normal, but the level of aggression can change depending on the breed of cat you chose initially. If you train your kitten from an early age to socialize, this should be sufficient to reduce the level of aggression towards you. To socialize a kitten, just simply spend quality time with it to learn it that human beings are kind to it.

It is also possible that your kitten is too aggressive when you play with it.

It will tend to bite and scratch you. This behavior is instinctive and it could disappear once your kitten reaches adulthood. The trick is not to play to much with your kitten so it does not become aggressive. If you have children, it is highly advisable to stay with them when they play with your kitten. It is important at this age to teach it that biting during the game is prohibited. Another little trick to use is to go deep with your finger into its throat when it begins to bite you. It will find the sensation unpleasant and this may be enough to stop this behavior. But do it without hurting it, just to make it feel an inconvenience.

Owning a kitten is an extraordinary experience that lasts a short time. Try to make the most to know its behavior. That will tell you a lot about it when it reaches adulthood.

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