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Drones Keep Watchful Eyes on African Wildlife

Once night falls, wildlife officers set to work. Using their drones, they make sure everything is peaceful and nothing happens to the animals. Why? Particularly because of poaching. The African continent is currently experiencing a crisis. The elephant population fell by 30% from 2007 to 2014 and nearly 1400 rhinoceros were killed only in 2015 […]

Owners cure their sick companions with cannabis!

This story takes place in San Francisco, USA. Michael Fasman sees his 12-year-old dog suffers from arthritis in addition to being hurt due to an amputated toe. He refuses to give her painkillers, since it makes her completely knocked out. Therefore, the man has turned to another form of medication to relieve the pain of […]

Animal Lovers Are Choosing Felines Over Canines

<div style=”clear:both;”></div> In recent years, the popularity of cats climbs in China. When Hou Na, a 27-year-old woman, explains that younger, like most children, her favourite pet was the dog. However, in recent months, his opinion has changed. Although dogs are loyal, joyful and energetic, made older, many people find them too noisy and require […]

Maximum fine for animal abuse!

Whether animals are mistreated in Quebec or else where in the world, Clanimal shall not stay indifferent to human stupidity nor human goodness either. Last February, the sentence was known, while the owner and manager of a Calgary aquarium were found guilty of animal abuse. Wayne Woo, 67, and Michael Chow, 68, f aced four […]
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