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The Pack is Stronger! / La Meute est plus Forte!

(Virus Animal Coaches corner/le Coin du Coach animal) You all entered the play off as a pack and you will end it as a pack as well! During all this time, look at each member of the pack because its strength depends on each member’s instincts! / Vous êtes entré dans les éliminatoires en meute, […]

You are Hunters / Vous êtes des Chasseurs!

(Virus Animal Coaches corner/le Coin du Coach animal) Now, about to play game 2, you have succeeded establishing you are strong, fear nothing and are smart hunters! / Maintenant, juste avant la partie #2,  vous avez établie que vous êtes forts, n’avez peur de quoique ce soit et que vous êtes des chasseurs intelligents! So […]


Virus (Aviseur Animal Senior Animal Advisor) has 1 message to the Montreal Canadiens players / n’a qu’un message pour les joueurs des Canadiens de Montréal: “PLAY LIKE ANIMALS   /   JOUEZ COMME DES ANIMAUX   meaning/voulant dire: 1. Follow only your instincts on the ice…after all you are NHL players with the talent to […]

Is it True?

My master has posted this message on the web! Do I need to retain the services of a lawyer (where is Larry Page of Google or Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook lawyer’s when I need them!) Or this is (anonymous)  a smearing campaign by another animal who’s trying to get my job as a Senior Animal […]
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