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Sales of Animals in Stores and on Social Media (1 of 2)

Another important problem is the absence of a proper structure in sales of animals in stores and social media. Presently, every day hundreds of ads are posted on social media proposing these cute puppies and about finding them a “forever home”. Clanimal is aware the 2 petitions have circulated on the net in 2013-2014 and […]

Breeders & Shelters (2 of 2)

Breeders & Shelters continued from our article Unfortunately, a great number of these puppies end-up in shelters, when they are just not simply abandoned! It is more than ever the time to rethink some of our breeding practices and to structure the breeder’s community, because the community itself seems to have lost control of certain […]

Breeders & Shelters (1 of 2)

About breeders & shelters Presently, there is a clear and certain lack of structure in the breeders community (whether it’s here or elsewhere). Also, breeders are facing tremendous pressure from the market (created by Cupid individuals, with no morals, that are only looking to please their financial god). Actions by these individuals, like “Back-yard breeders”, […]

Pit bulls, who’s telling the truth?

Despite time having passed, Clanimal through the present editorial, brings into the debate, a solid and scientifically supported way of looking at the “Pit bull” situation, since last June. As a matter of fact, no media had yet, seriously looked at scientific data, like the French television show Découverte (on French Radio-Canada network) has done […]

Abuse on Animals and Sentences

Presently, we can state that there is a serious lack of commitment by the authorities to eradicate mistreatment of animals. Someone better explain the timidity in the application of the law. Clanimal submits that a firm and sincere commitment, by the authorities, to enforce the law, actually issue fines and imprisonment, to show mistreatment of […]

PUPPY MILLS, Application of the Law: coercion (3 of 3)

Puppy Mills, Reinforcing and a more muscled application of the law, coercion (continuation and end) Another measure that could possibly be looked at, and it would certainly please the authorities, touches directly at the fiscal aspect of the puppy mills illegal operations. Simply,  a calculation of the number of dogs used in the puppy mill, multiplied by […]

PUPPY MILLS, Application of the Law: coercion (2 of 3)

Puppy Mills, Reinforcing and a more muscled application of the law  (continuation) Do politicians really believe puppy mills operators stand in line to obtain their permits? Clanimal is far from being convinced about it and believe much more in a strong approach of coercion aiming squarely at the “financial heart” of these illegal operations (as described […]

Increased Accessibility for domestic animal (Part 2 of 2)

Increased Accessibility for domestic animal (Part 1 of 2) Nevertheless, in Germany, in Switzerland and in Austria (to just name a few countries), family pets are accepted in many “public” places, such as restaurants. Does this means, Germans, Austrians or Swiss, are built with antibodies we were deprived, here in Quebec?  Are we so “distinct” […]

Grant Status Member to Animals in different Forces

Grant status member in the armed forces, police forces and civil security Our military personnel (men and women)  often accept to serve their country in difficult circumstances so, what tis there to say about the animals serving with them, without us showing any mark of gratitude and compassion. Worse, when their mission is over we […]

Improving Animals Handling into Society

Public Insurance Coverage for Service Animals could be a good Animals Handling for starting It is unthinkable that the governmental authorities didn’t think about it before, and it’s most likely because they do not see the benefits brought by animals working with humans, helping them to handle obstacles their handicap brings into their lives. How […]
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