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Who can unite Americans?

Who can unite Americans? There is only one being that can unite all Americans (including Trump & Clinton supporters) and gives it to you:…IT’S A DOG! Being the community for all animal lovers worldwide, we know! Animals do not judge any of us. They are not racist, nor misogynous, they do not lie and […]

3 Reasons to BAN the Retractable (Flexi) Leash!

BAN the Retractable (Flexi) Leash? For years now I have been walking Virus 2-3 times every day for about 2-3 hours every time, therefore, I have over 9 000 hours of being in public with him seeing other dog guardians (and other dogs) behaving in so many different ways. One thing, however, is constant with […]

To live its Uniqueness and not its Difference

To live its Uniqueness and not its Difference, According to Virus senior animal advisor at (comments on the LGBT parade in August 2016 in Montreal) Many of you will say:” But… how can a dog help me assume who I am with confidence according to my own uniqueness and not according to “my difference”? […]

Conclusion: To understand Animals Issues

To understand Animals Issues… Clanimal is convinced that after having put in place the measures and solutions proposed in this editorial series (with any improvements that can be added as well!), we will be able to say that we have started to clean up, once and for all,  our act, and that finally Quebec can […]

Sales of Animals in Stores and on Social Media ( 2 of 2)

Sales of Animals in Stores and on Social Media into creating a legal task force of law and marketing specialists… Clanimal is looking into creating a legal task force of law and marketing specialists to analyze this practice on the web and come up with appropriate actions. On the legislative front, to structure the advertising […]

Sales of Animals in Stores and on Social Media (1 of 2)

Another important problem is the absence of a proper structure in sales of animals in stores and social media. Presently, every day hundreds of ads are posted on social media proposing these cute puppies and about finding them a “forever home”. Clanimal is aware the 2 petitions have circulated on the net in 2013-2014 and […]

Breeders & Shelters (2 of 2)

Breeders & Shelters continued from our article Unfortunately, a great number of these puppies end-up in shelters, when they are just not simply abandoned! It is more than ever the time to rethink some of our breeding practices and to structure the breeder’s community, because the community itself seems to have lost control of certain […]

Breeders & Shelters (1 of 2)

About breeders & shelters Presently, there is a clear and certain lack of structure in the breeders community (whether it’s here or elsewhere). Also, breeders are facing tremendous pressure from the market (created by Cupid individuals, with no morals, that are only looking to please their financial god). Actions by these individuals, like “Back-yard breeders”, […]
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