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Warning for hunters & pet owners

This story from a man whose dog had a gruesome death in the Catskills when his dog ate a piece of meat left there as a bait from hunters, can certainly serve as a warning for hunters and pet owners, walking the woods, especially at this time of the year! Read the full story & […]

Dogs are the best Alarm Clocks

Here is a video that Huffington post (thanks to You Tube too) that establishes that Dogs are the best alarm clocks! Is it how you dog woke you up this morning?Please comment to let us know. And for your dogs, dont forget to vote with your hearts Watch the Video

Guide Dogs play Cupid

Guide dogs play Cupid (and for themselves too!) so the love affair began at the training course when their Labrador-retrievers, Venice and Rodd, couldn’t stop playing and nuzzling together. reminds you that it is committed to have the law changed so animals of assistance are to be covered (acquisition and training) by medicare! Dont […]

Catdance Finalist 2014: Ricky

The filmmaker of “Ricky” has a dog, Romy, who is afraid of other dogs, but she loves cats. Last year he adopted a friend for her: a cat named Ricky. This film is narrated — but unscripted — by his 7-year-old neighbor, Willa, and follows Ricky and Romy as they get to know each other. […]

Marjan the Lion: in remembrance of Sardar Ahmad’s Final Story

( in remembrance of slain reporter Sardar Ahmad reproduce the original and complete last article Mr Ahmad wrote before being killed. We wish to thank Mashable for their generosity in originally publishing the article and our sincere condolences to Mr Ahmad’s family from all of us at BY SARDAR AHMAD2 days ago Editor’s note: […]

15 puppies you will remember

Here, from Clanimal in collaboration with Mashable (and thanks also toAndrea Romano), 15 puppies you will remember. By the way an excited puppy and a happy puppy is not the same thing. What’s the difference…? Check! Enjoy the article & video
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